In-Home Tech Support

and training


Our In-Home Tech Services

Friendly and customized support and training

Smart Phones

More than just calling. iPhones and Androids are mini computers.


Apple Mac, PC, or Chromebooks are all in our wheelhouse.

Smart Devices

Smart TVs, Alexa, Ring, Appliances, even ovens come with WiFi capability .


Connecting printers to computers, devices, and WiFi can be difficult. Let us help.

A senior group in retirement home learning social media

Social Media

Keep in touch. We can set up accounts on Social Media like Facebook or Zoom and walk you through how to use them.

Instacart, Walmart Delivery and Pick Up, Safeway Pickup, Amazon Prime


Safely buy groceries with Instacart, Safeway pick up or delivery, and wares with Amazon Prime or Walmart from home. We can set you up and show you how to do it easily and securely.

watching tv and using digital tablet with software

Software Support

Meal deliveries from Pizza Factory or local delivery Cruisin Delights, Google Gmail or hotmail email accounts, video chat, streaming channels like Netflix, phone and TV apps. We do it all.

phone call proxy


Concerned that you won't understand a phone support agent? We can come act as your proxy on the phone.

About Our Company

We’re just a bit obsessed with technology, especially software. Smart Tech Assistant is a brilliant extension of our passions.

He’s a linear and patient man with a clever and adaptive wife. Her first experience with a computer was over 35 years ago (shhh) and he may have “borrowed” his parents’ credit card at the wee age of 12 to get the family an AOL dial-up internet account. We’ve always been drawn to technology but clearly remember a childhood without it while being on the cusp of embracing the smart-life of our times.  

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Why Choose Us

In Person

We’ll show up and solve your smart tech quandaries. 

Family Owned

We’re a husband & wife team with complimentary skills.

Apple, PC, or Android

Experienced with all of the popular operating systems.


We love tech, what can we say?…

Client Testimonials

We trust Candace to plan and execute small and large projects successfully.
We’ve worked together to develop strategic plans for a changing world and they deliver.
Candace is a creative and skilled lady! I admire the way she can take an idea and turn it into something both orderly and beautiful.